Seria a

Who will become Seria A top scorer?

Since chriatiano Ronaldo came to the Seria A everybody has been wondering who will become the top scorer as the the league now boasts of some of the best prolific attackersd who have never had any problem in scoring goals with the like of: Mauro Icardi
Ciro Immobile
Gonzalo Higuain
Mario Manzukic
Paulo Dybala

and now amongst them is Christiano Ronaldo ,last season Mauro Icardi and Ciro Immobile were the top scorers tieing at 29 goals ,but the highest number of goals inSeria A was 36 goals by Gonzalo Higuain when he played in Napoli under Maurizio Sarri as he broke the record which had been set for over 50 years Seria a is changing year in year out and teams are becoming more good in attacking and transitioning from defensive mindsets and it now boasts some of the best teams in Europe and hopefully this season the 36 goal record will be broken and people are still wondering who will become the top scorer this season with teams becoming more stronger but one thing for sure is that Juventus are in a world of their own

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