Seria a

Is Seria A one of the best leagues?

It is no doubt that the quality of Seria A has risen over the last couple of years owing majourly to the fact that the teams are signing more quality players each year and the teams are just getting stronger.Globally Italy is one of the strongest football teams even though they did not feature in the world cup and then there are very big teams there which people really like and are really winning games be it in the champions league or be it in the europa league ,the best teams currently in the Seria A are Juventus,Napol,intermilan,Ac Milan,Roma and Lazio ,and all of them have quality players who are doing their best to lift the quality of football in Seria A .The downside of the Italian football is that Juventus keeps on winning the title year in year out so really the competition is just from the second spot going downwards which is honestly what brings the Seria A down unlike the EPL which has new teams winning the trophy each year

if this kind of transition in the number one spot was to happen in Seria A in my honest opinion it would be the best league in the world because i believe that it has the best attackers in the world

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