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Is Christiano Ronaldo becoming better?

Since joining the Italian giants in a surprise move last summer ending a wonderful spell of 9 years at Real Madrid ,Christiano Ronaldo seems to be getting better and better, well i guess old is gold.The 33 year old has been in fine form lately as he has been scoring more and his assists have become even more compared to his tenure at Real Madrid for sure his addition to the Turin side has strengthened them a great deal,seria a is the most defensive league in the world and mostly games do not involve alot of goals but the star man does not seem to have a problem putting the ball at the back of the net.His signing brought glory back to seria a and his improve in form just makes matters better

He is currently Juventus's most important player now and ndespite the age he is someone whom they can really rely on even build a team around him.He will be in Italy for sometime and in that shortperiod he will certainly make a name for himself and even maybe become one of the clubs best players in his four years spell.He has great teammates whom can bring out the best in him and complement his playing style

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