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How is Malcom's performance so far?

Barcelona bought him most probably so that they could get back at Roma following last season'schampions league defeat ,nevertheless Malcom is till a very god player and still has a bright future infront of him, whem he came in there were questions over Dembele's future at the club more so by his agent as they were wondering why Malcom had been brought in .Several weeks have passed by and surprisingly Malcom's prescence in the club has been somehow insigificant and people re still arguing that he is not yet in top form yet as he is still not doing what he used to do in Bordeaux he is still young however and hopefully he will not follow the footsteps of Andre Gomes whom was once great but after his move to Barcelona flopped and he is now not certain over his future.I guess Barcelona is a really competitive club and geting a chance in the first team is difficult so hopefully Malcom will get it right and we can continue watching him do what he was doing last season.