Who will take over from Lewandoski?

For the last few seasons he has been the Bundesliga's best player in terms of scoring goals but he is now in his thirties and it is still a question on whom will replace him and become the scoring machine.He now has the most goals in Bundesliga's history and year in year out he has never failed to become the leagues top scorer and his quality and brilliance is just so admirable but at the same time it is harsh when it is against you.He is still fit though so we will sill watch him on for a couple number of years to come.The favourite to replace him is RB Leipzig's Timo Werner, Dortmund's Jodan Sanch,Paco Alacacer and Bayern Leverkusens Leon Bailey there are more players of course but these are the players currently in fine form. All this lads will provide pure entertainment to the bundesliga and will continue enjoying football

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