Is La Liga what it used to be?

There was a time when La Liga was so competitive and the best players in the world just dreamt of playing there. For the last more than a decade the balon dior has been won by Messi and Ronaldo five times each,which means the La Liga has produced the best players over the last couple of years.Other players are evolving from other leagues and it is safe to say the concentration on La Liga is shifting focus because in all the other leagues players are evolving and becoming better and better.The transfer of Ronaldo to Italian giants Juventus also shifted a lot of focus to the Seria a and it is no doubt that he is still one of the top contendors of the balon dior.The Spanish sides have also enjoyed suucess in both the champions league and the europa league so it just a matter of time till we see whether they will maintain this consistency.The spanish league has been glorified by many including legendary players like Maradona and Pele. Other leagues are getting stronger but so is the Spanish league so this season let's see whether they will still dominate European football, but one thing for sure is that it will not be possible if they continue loosing their best players

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