Will Bayern pull a surprise come back??

Bayern are currently not at their best level and this season things just seem not to be going right for them,they have enjoyed pretty much success in football especially in their domestic league where they have conquered for the last couple of years.They topped their table basically from the first to the last minute of the season ,this season alone they have suffered losses and draws which was not there in their previous seasons.The issue seems to be mostly with the squad and partly with the frequent change in managers since last season ,so it is safe to say that they are finding it difficult adapting to one style of play.Whether they will bounce back or not it is entirely upto hpw they handle their future games.

They are not pretty much known for comebacks though but it is also not worth saying that Dortmund will definitely win the league but if Bayern drop points in their upcoming fixtures which seems inevitable then they might just have challenges regaining the title that they have had so much succes in.They have quality players whom can win any maych for them and for now thwir main aim should be winning all the remaining matches and win against the big teams so that they can have an advatage over them

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