Can Barcelona cope without Messi?

Real Madrid lost their best player in Ronaldo and somehow are still managing to survive even though they are shaky they are still doing better than expected ,now the question is whether Barcelona can also manage the same feat if they loose Messi and still be competitive in La LIGA the way they are.They have played well without him when he was injured and it seems like Suarez can still hold the team together .Currently I think they can cope very well withiout Messi.

That however only applies if they will be competing only in the La LIGA there is no much competition in the league and if they loose Messi they can win the trophy and if worse comes to worse they can manage a top three finish pretty much comfortably.Real Madrid are in poor form currently and despite their seasoned performance they are not title contendors in Spain as per now but who knows they could pull a major surprise on us

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